The ProWorks project administration and management services include the following range of projects:

  • Office relocation and moves
  • IT infrastructure and systems build out and change
  • Financial system analysis, development and implementation
  • Reporting Structure, Format Development and Follow up
  • Execution of Directives and Strategic Initiatives of the Top Management
  • Providing Sounding Board for Strategic and Day-to-day Decisions
  • Assistance with Corporate Transformation

Being a third party to our clients, we believe to have advantage of impartial understanding as well as execution strength that is not tied to the organizational internal structure, which often creates obstacles for implementation of new organizational processes of changes.  

Through our support to the executive management our experts provide for necessary relief allowing client executives focus on either day-to-day tasks or new strategic initiative. 

When assisting our clients with their projects, our approach is based on the following objectives:
  • Ensure Projects are Delivered within Budget
  • Ensure Projects are Delivered within Schedule Commitments
  • Deliver Quality Solutions
  • Reduced Errors
  • Improved Effectiveness
  • Appropriate Risk Management and Internal Controls
  • Continuous Process Improvement via Collaboration
  • Implement Project Communications and Oversight

Our Project Administration/Management Services include:

  • Project Fee Budgeting and Cost Control
  • Staff Utilization Planning
  • Project Plan Development
  • Project Monitoring and Reporting
  • Project Management