Utilizing  state of the art equipment ProWorks provides high resolution, high accuracy aerial mapping and topographic surveys allowing you to see in great detail what is on the ground via 2D images and 3D models.


Aerial Mapping

Using low altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and high resolution cameras we provide excellent visibility allowing you to assess vegetation, terrain, ground type and waterways as well as locating manmade structures such as roads, dams and buildings. This gives you a better understanding of the challenges and possibilities before, during and after your project

Topographic Surveys

Aerial photography (photogrammetry) combined with a large array of sub-centimeter accuracy Ground Control Points,  locations on the ground surveyed and marked before the flight, allow us to produce highly accurate digital terrain models. These can be used to create grading plans, maximize land utilization and better schedule your projects.


Our Benefits

  • Easily transportable equipment and setup time is almost zero
  • Data processing performed in-house for quick turn-around 
  • Not affected by cloud, we fly under the weather in winds up to 45km/h and light rain
  • UAV surveys offer the same or better accuracy as LiDAR or Satelitte surveys
  • We are more than 50% cheaper and faster than comparable solutions 

Our Results

  • Orthomosaic in PNG and TIFF formats
  • Digital Elevation Model in TIFF format 
  • Ground Control Point location photographs in JPEG format
  • 50cm Isolines (contours)
  • The above data combined in DWG format in separate layers

Our aerial mapping services give you detailed visual and topographical site knowledge assisting planning, scheduling and execution of you project.
Contact us tooday for further information: surveys@pw-group.co.jp