ProWorks HR Advisory Services Corporation, is legal entity of Labor and Social Security Attorney (“Sharoshi” in Japan) and an independently managed and operated member of the ProWorks Group, providing a broad range of HR advisory services and labor law compliance assistance, including social and labor insurance administration to foreign and domestic clients of the ProWorks Group.


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Corporate profile


Azusa Tanikawa

Deputy Representative

Sachiko Takamura


October 2, 2017.

Office Address

Daiwa Akasaka Building 4F, 2-14-5,
Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Japan
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Contact information

TEL 03-4520-5275
Fax 03-4520-5513
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Partner members

Chie Goto, Labor and Social Security Attorney
Maiko Yoshikawa, Labor and Social Security Attorney
Shiori Une, Financial Planner