There is no better time than now to enter the Japanese market for those in the renewable energy industry. 



From July 1st 2012 the Japanese government began its Feed-In Tariff Scheme (FIT) giving energy providers guaranteed fixed duration contracts and purchase prices.

The program will be reviewed yearly with possible changes to the duration and purchase price of the contracts offered.


The program is not restricted to large-scale installations either, there are also provisions for buyback from residential buildings,  opening the way for a wave of innovation and expansion at the consumer level as well.


The Japanese government is forecasting 50% year on year increases in Residential and Non-Residential Solar, Wind and Biomass power generation for FY2012 and to grow even further in 2013.


As you can see from the above data the Japanese government is offering some very attractive deals to boost renewable energy production in Japan.

We have already helped companies to tap into the great opportunities with the following services:


  • Tax and investment structure consulting
  • Company formation and initial tax notifications
  • Accounting, tax compliance and other business support services for the investment group or individual companies
  • Permit mapping — overview of regulatory requirements for the city and prefecture, specific permits and deliverables needed, timeframes, and general costs to complete land use/development permitting and environmental impact assessment screening
  • Permit support — work with local and prefecture government to obtain all necessary approvals for the solar project, including development permits and environmental impact assessment screening as well as facilitating community interactions/neighbor approvals.
  • METI/FIT approval support — provide inputs on land use, permits and project compliance as needed to obtain METI approval for the FIT program as well as for METI electrical supply facility approvals.
  • Utility company coordination — assist with scenario and cost analysis as well as permitting for tying into grid system from environmental and land use perspective
  • Overall project management
  • Site and vendor oversight

Please see the presentation from the Japanese government (METI) to the right.